Public Benches: Brick By Brick, Block By Block

An on-going proposal to increase the stock of public benches in the city of Toronto. The idea originated while walking in the city with an elder, faced with the challenge of not finding a bench when one was needed. As we get older, navigating the city becomes more difficult, and we need to take every opportunity to improve our public spaces into more age-friendly environments.

As outlined as a goal in the Toronto Seniors Strategy Report: Towards an age-friendly city, ''Transportation Services will accelerate and increase in number the installation of street benches''. This suggests not only an increase, but a city-wide strategy. The new benches will be at regular intervals, allowing mental mapping and route planning. They will be modular, thus adapting to different urban conditions and allow variations in design while maintaining consistency. And they will be made of red 'Toronto Bricks', an affordable and durable material that offers a warm contrast to the grey urban floor, while reminiscent of the city’s history.

Date: 2016-Present
In collaboration with Sophie Tremblay

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