Prototype for Communal Housing received the Jury Mention for the Arctic Adaptation: NU Housing Competition, part of the exhibition by Lateral Office, which represented Canada at the 2014 Architecture Biennial in Venice, Italy. In collaboration with Michael Abel.

The project intends to re-introduce the idea of communal living for families and communities using traditional igloo plans as precedents. Five of the fastest growing towns and cities in Nunavut were chosen as the subject matter. The current housing typologies are linear and spread over the course of the land. This project proposes a circular type, where houses are radiating from a central communal space. The communal platform range in sizes from 10, 15, and 25 metres in diameter. These platforms adapt to seasonal needs. In the winter, the inhabitants build snow walls for separating the spaces between inside and out.  As the weather warms up, the snow walls melt and the space opens to the landscape. Possible uses of the communal platform range from shared services, hot and cold storages, gathering space, large oven for collective cooking, and workshop areas.

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